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Best Diaper Bags & Diaper Bag Backpacks

Find the best backpack diaper bag for mom & dad


Best Baby Diaper Bag Backpacks


Backpack diaper bags work well for both moms and dads to transport all the necessities a baby needs. Find one of the ten best and most functional diaper bags to make traveling with a baby easier on our list.

For the first three to four years of your child’s life, you will bring a diaper bag with you and carry everything your child needs making this an important choice. Do not worry; diaper bags do not need to be boring and no longer come with garnish fabric designed to appeal to babies! Find a gorgeous diaper bag and make your life easier in the process.

Check out which diaper bags and backpacks we love and after get some answers to your questions.

Happy shopping!

10 Best Diaper Bags for 2021


Vera Bradley Performance Twill Backpack Baby Diaper Bag

Price: $112.00 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Vera Bradley Performance Twill Backpack Baby Diaper Bag

Find everything you need with the Vera Bradley Performance Twill Diaper Bag Backpack and get exceptional quality from a brand you can trust. This particular diaper bag is 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide with a depth of 8 inches which is a great size to carry around and store in the back of the car on a road trip.

Another benefit of purchasing from Vera Bradley is their continued commitment to funding life-saving research. To date they have raised more than $34.6 million dollars to help support breast cancer research.


First, the bag is waterproof thanks to performance twill. Second, get a ton of dedicated pockets, including insulated pockets on the sides and a hidden pocket in the back. Third, the bag includes space for everything, including electronics, to function for both mom and baby. You even get a ditty bag and a hidden zipper pocket too!

If you plan on being on-the-go often, this diaper bag hooks to a stroller easily using a loop strap that is durable enough to last several years.


The diaper bag costs a lot and does not have hooks to attach to a stroller, but it does have a trolley sleeve, or “loop strap” that essentially has the same function as stroller hooks.

The color options are also limited despite Vera Bradley normally offering so many options of colors and fabrics.

Why we love it

Vera Bradley diaper backpack bags last for years and are easier to clean than other bags as this can go in the washing machine. We also love the two insulated side pockets and the trolly sleeve so you can use the diaper backpack on a suitcase for travel. Moreover, the bag washes easier than other diaper bags too, which is good as babies and life are messy.


Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

Price: $39.99 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

With the Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack, you get a gorgeous grownup diaper bag ready to travel across the globe. This diaper bag is so nice even dads will love carrying this bag, and it’s affordable too!

This bag measures in at 11.8″ long, 7.8″ wide, and 16.5″ high and weighs a total of 1.78 pounds – making it one of the lightest bags on the list. Despite being so light, it can hold both tall and wide neck baby bottles ranging from 5 oz up to 11 oz. 


An insulated pocket in the front holds bottles, and a mommy pocket keys your phone handy. Also, two other pockets make storage and finding items easy while straps connect it to your stroller. Next, you can choose from seven different color options. It includes 16 pockets and a changing pad making it easier to store everything you need and find it with ease.

All of the diaper bag openings are extra-wide, making it a breeze to find exactly what you need – when you need it. The shoulder straps are also padded for longer journeys to keep your shoulders safe.

Lastly – the fabric is waterproof, making it a perfect well-rounded choice for parents who need a little bit of everything in their diaper bag. 


The two pockets on the side of the bag are not very usable. The zipper can break to as it’s not the highest quality. Some customers had the stitches unravel too.

Why we love it

Most diaper bags include a portable changing pad, but this one has storage for diapers and wipes. Moms have room to store their essentials, too, as that bag has space for electronics, keys, wallet, and a full mommy pocket.


Fisher-Price Signature Collection Diaper Bag Backpack

Price: $43.84 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Fisher Price Signature Collection Diaper Bag Backpack

The Fisher-Price Diaper Backpack offers style and ease of use with a simple diaper bag backpack to make parenting easier. It’s designed for comfort and functionality for both moms and dads. This diaper bag also comes with an included changing pad so you have everything you need right away.

This diaper bag comes in at 13.5″ wide, 6″ deep, and 12.5″ high and weighs around 2 pounds with nothing in it. Not only is the bag spacious, it has a special side pocket to put your baby wipes for easy-access. 


Each pocket in the diaper bag offers a unique purpose, including an insulated pocket in the front. Connect the bag to the stroller, too, instead of carrying it on your back. The extra-wide straps in the back make this an extremely comfortable option. Furthermore, a wipes pocket on the front makes changing diapers easier, while internal pockets support either a tablet or a laptop. Finally, tons of sturdy stitching means this diaper bag will hold up for years.


The seams on the bag can rip, and it’s not machine washable. Besides some issues people have encountered with the liner ripping and the wipe-pocket being difficult to use, there is not much to complain about.

Why we love it

Everyone loves a bag that stands up on its own that includes a changing pad too. The drawstring makes it very easy to access the larger inner pocket. Faux brown leather buckle straps make this a gorgeous option too.


Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

Price: $56.99 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

The Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack is ready to help you take your baby on the go. Use it as a diaper bag or a handheld backpack with multiple ways to carry.


A wide-open pocket makes access to baby items easier. A larger zipper that stays open helps to find items. A mainframe open means easy access to all of the stuff stored inside, and it stays open, so you don’t have to fight to find what you are looking for in the bag. Add in multiple pockets and a large size for extra usefulness. Insulated pockets on the side keep bottles at the right temperature. It also attaches to a stroller with unique straps and has insulated side bottle pockets. 


The fabric and zipper quality may be lower than expected and may not last as long as you would like. Some customers had the zipper detach from the bag completely, which would make the bag useless.

Why we love it

The bag is simple and thoughtful, with tons of pockets and a changing table. Store your stuff and your baby’s. Parents will love the easy access tech pockets and the unisex color with high-quality fabric.


Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

Price: $182.99 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

Get a luxe backpack that looks like a messenger bag with the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack. It’s a great choice if you want color options, too, as this comes in 14 different colors and patterns.


The backpack has a built-in changing pad with storage. A dedicated zip-out in the front turns into the changing table, making this bag quite unique. Add in storage for wipes and diapers when you unzip the changing table. A large pocket holds everything else with a few mommy pockets too and bottle storage on the side.


Although the bag has two insulated pockets, they are not completely contained. Also, the bag is heavy, and the straps are not padded. It’s very expensive too with a very high price because of the name brand and unique changing table feature.

Why we love it

The beautiful bag comes in a variety of fun patterns and offers form and function, including stroller hooks, so you don’t have to carry the bag. All diapers should be as nice as this one, with a well-thought-out design and smart function. We love when beauty and function work together to create a convenient bag that’s more sanitary for your baby.


Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

Price: $38.99 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

Hap Tim’s Backpack Diaper Bag is ready to hold everything you need with style and dedicated purpose. Dads and moms will love this bag equally as it’s comfortable and universal in design in three shades of gray.


As a large-capacity bag, you can carry everything your baby needs on your shoulders. A front insulated pocket holds three bottles. Store your items, too, and stay hands-free thanks to the backpack design. Moreover, the bag gives you 17 internal and external pockets to organize all of your items and your baby’s too. Attach the bag to your stroller for easy carry or strap it on your back. Lastly, keep the baby wipes close with a dedicated side pocket and enjoy an easy access full zip-down front pocket.


Your wipes container may not fit in the wipes pocket on the side of the bag. Some customers complained of faulty or weak seams and the pockets being too small to function properly.

Why we love it

A back pocket keeps items close at hand, and it’s waterproof too! We love pockets because they help to keep items easy to access without jostling all over the place. Also, a backpack style allows you to carry with hands-free. If you do not love the bag, you have 90 days to return it for an exchange or refund.


JuJuBe B.F.F Multi-Functional Convertible Diaper Backpack

Price: $145.00 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

JuJuBe BFF Multi Functional Convertible Diaper Backpack

The JuJuBe BFF Diaper Backpack sells out quickly because it’s the best diaper bag on the market. Choose from a variety of patterns too.


Not many diaper bags are machine washable, but this one does, and it has plenty of pockets for organization. Teflon fabric protector helps to repel liquids and stains from adhering to the fabric. However, the most unique feature is built-in crumb drains to ensure the bag stays free and clear of unwanted mess. Metal hardware extends the lifespan of the bag, too, as do smart fabrics resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew. It includes a memory foam changing pad and tons of pockets, along with detachable backpack straps.


The price is very high and will not fit into every budget. Also, it really does sell out often because of the smart design and fabrics. However, it does not have a built-in changing table which would be nice considering the price.

Why we love it

Mom’s want an elegant backpack that looks like an extension of their outfit and does not scream I’m a mother but also a woman. Additionally, we love this bag because of the large easy access pocket. It comes with a lifetime warranty too because it’s built to last.


Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag

Price: $41.99 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag

Choose the Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag if you need to put your laptop in the bag along with baby items. The price is nice, and so are the four color options.


You get a large insulated pocket with this bag and a place in the back for longer items like a laptop. A hidden pocket and chest straps add to the function. Waterproof fabric helps to keep the bag from getting soaked or dirty. Creative side pockets allow for easy access to wipes.


If you have a laptop in the back, you need to remove it to have full access to the insulated pocket. Also, the bottle pocket is not completely insulated, only the individual bottle inserts, which means the drinks will not stay as cold.

Why we love it

The bags come with extras like a removable, insulated bottle pocket and a changing pad. Both moms and dads will love this useful bag. An extra-long keychain attached to the bag makes it easy for you to find your keys, too, even when the bag is full. Magnetic snaps and clasps make for easier opening and closing of the bag too.


Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Bridgeport Diaper Bag Backpack

Price: $34.99 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Eddie Bauer Places and Spaces Bridgeport Diaper Bag Backpack

Eddie Bauer makes an elegant backpack diaper bag with tons of pockets and high-quality fabric. Despite the expensive brand name, the price of this bag will fit into any budget, and the design will too.


An insulated section allows you to store bottles while an external pocket holds wipes for easy access. Eleven pockets will help help you keep all of your items well organized. The bottle pockets are insulated to keep the liquids warm or cold. Add in a changing table and wipes case for extra usefulness.


Not all of the pockets are placed in a useful manner. Moreover, the inner stitching may come out, as did some of the zippers and other spots. The bag does not offer color options either, as it only includes one gray option.

Why we love it

The price for this bag, along with a spacious interior, makes this a go-to diaper bag. We love comfortable bags with padded straps and room for both baby items and parents’ items too.


PAPERCLIP Diaper Bag Travel Diaper Change Pad

Price: $199.00 MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

PAPERCLIP Diaper Bag Travel Diaper Change Pad

Get a diaper bag and changing table in one with the Paperclip Backpack Diaper Bag. While the bag only comes in one color, it’s a very unique and useful bag.


While a few other diaper bags have a built-in changing table, none or a sturdy or private as this one as this option has walls. Also, you can access the main storage compartment when the changing table is open. The changing table detaches to go in the washing machine too, making it a very sanitary option.


The bag costs a small fortune and will not fit in most budgets. Furthermore, you sacrifice some storage to get the changing table. Some customers complained about the weight and bulk of the bag when carrying it on their back. Also, stroller straps are sold separately along with a bottle caddy and cooler, which increase the
already high cost.

Why we love it

No other bag offers high-quality materials, including recycled plastic, beauty, and incredible function with an insanely useful and well-thought-out design. It’s unisex, too, without the classic markings of a diaper bag, and can even hold a laptop along with all the baby items you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about a diaper bag?

Diaper bags are specifically made to transport everything you need for your baby while taking up as little space as possible. A normal backpack or bag is usually larger, because it is meant for adult use and may carry a laptop, notebook, or other larger items. Diaper bags are specifically designed for on-the-go parents, and are much more durable than a traditional backpack.

Diaper bags are also special because they have tons of pockets, compartments, and even insulated pockets for things like milk and snacks. If you do not invest in a good diaper bag, you will struggle the first few years bringing everything you need with you.


What is the best baby diaper bag backpack?

We love the Vera Bradley Performance Twill Backpack Diaper Bag because it’s high quality and washable. The color options work for both men and women, and it’s quilted to ensure a long life. You could use this bag for years as a diaper bag and then use it later for other uses. Also, it has a trolley sleeve making it an excellent option for travel, but it does not have clips for the stroller. Finally, the bag includes a ditty bag and insulated pockets, plus a hidden pocket.


What should I look for when buying a diaper bag?

Look for a changing pad, insulated pockets for bottles, hooks for the stroller, and ample storage areas. You also want a bag with sturdy and preferably water repellant material. Lots of pockets are a plus, too, as it’s easier to organize your items. Lastly, the straps need to be comfortable, as that’s the whole point of a backpack diaper bag!


Can I use a backpack as a diaper bag?

Absolutely, however, regular backpacks often do not have insulated pockets, changing pads, or hooks for a stroller. With a nice-looking diaper bag, you can use it after for personal use and use the insulated area as a lunch box.


Can any bag be a diaper bag?

Although the answer to this question is technically yes, we highly recommend investing in a diaper bag so that you have a dedicated bag for baby and you always know exactly what you’ll be bringing with you. An added benefit of having a diaper bag is that is is easier to transport and takes up less space than most traditional bags.


Are backpack diaper bags better?

Yes, the main difference between a regular diaper bag and a backpack is the latter can go on both your shoulders to lighten your load. They are better for your back, posture, shoulders and give you more ways to carry.


What is the most popular diaper bag?

Many parents purchase the Ruvalino Bag Backpack as it’s incredibly affordable and comes in neutral colors even dads won’t mind carrying. It has everything you could want in a diaper bag, including a hidden pocket, insulated pocket, diaper organizer, mommy pocket, and elasticized side pockets. The only thing it’s lacking is hooks for the stroller. Also, it’s waterproof, but it’s not washable. Wearing a bag on only one shoulder can cause alignment issues and send you to the chiropractor in pain. The same goes for a purse too.


Is a diaper bag really necessary?

Yes, yes, yes! Babies need many items, including diapers, bottles, food, spare outfits, burp rags, blankets, toys, and more. You cannot expect to carry all of those items without a bag of some sort. Furthermore, diaper bags include insulated pockets for pre-made formula or breastmilk.


How long do you use a diaper bag for?

Diaper bags are necessary until your child is out of diapers and pull-ups. Until that point, you will still need to carry around a change of clothes, snacks, books, toys, and other items. Once your child is in preschool, you can then use the diaper bag to take their stuff to the teacher.


At what age do you stop using a diaper bag?

Normally you would stop using a diaper bag when your baby is out of diapers, but most bags you can purchase today are stylish enough to last several years. As mentioned above, when your baby grows into a toddler, you can continue to use the diaper bag to transport snacks, toys, changes of clothes, or other items when you and your kids are on the go.


How is a diaper bag different from a regular bag?

A diaper bag has insulated pockets and a changing pad. Moreover, diaper bags sometimes include hooks for a stroller which makes them very useful. Regular bags also do not have pockets designed for diapers, wipes, and dedicated mom pockets. Basically, a diaper bag can hold enough stuff for a mom and baby.


What do you put in a diaper bag?

Inside the diaper bag, you will want two changes of clothes, a pack of wipes, at least five diapers, a receiving blanket, a teething ring, diaper rash cream, formula, a bottle, a bottle of water, a stuffed animal, nursing pads, and a changing pad. You will also want to fit your items in the bag as well such as your keys, phone, wallet, tablet, and a couple of pads.

Below are some of the most common items that you will find in a diaper bag:

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes and rags
  • Rash cream and butt paste
  • Bottles and milk
  • Change of clothes
  • Nursing cover
  • Toys or stuffed animal
  • Feeding supplies


At what age do you stop using a diaper bag?

Stop using the diaper bag when your child is out of diapers and pull-ups. Even then, you can keep a diaper bag in the car with a few essentials. Children tend to be messy and end up needing a full change of clothes often. Most parents end up getting a call from the school saying their child has had an accident at some point.


How many diapers should I keep in my diaper bag?

Plan to keep about five to six diapers in your diaper bag. This allows you to be gone from home for several hours as most babies go through between 8 to 12 diapers a day. If you plan to be gone for longer periods, pack extra diapers. Don’t forget the wipes either, as you will need those. Some moms like to carry plastic shopping bags to toss the diapers in too when not close to a trash can like in a park.


Will any of these diaper bags work for twins?

Not many diaper bags exist for twins, and you may need to carry two bags for twins or carry less in your diaper bag. Some of the bags may be large enough, but most diaper bags are only made for a single baby. If possible, choose a diaper bag with hooks to hang on the stroller because then you can carry one and put another on the stroller to save your back. For larger trips, you may need to consider a duffle bag or an extra-large backpack instead of a diaper bag.


Should I store my stuff in my purse or in the diaper bag?

Most diaper bags come with space for mom’s stuff too, but not all moms want to put their stuff in a diaper bag. While it seems handy for a day out with your baby, don’t get rid of your purse yet. If you need to take your baby to a daycare center or to a babysitter’s house, you will want to keep your items separate. As long as you and your baby are spending the day together, you can share a bag.


What is the best way to clean a diaper bag?

Follow the instructions included with the bag or on the tag. Most bags cannot be washed in the washing machine and can only handle spot cleaning. If you are worried about a bag becoming dirty, then pick a waterproof or dirt-resistant bag like the JuJuBe B.F.F Multi-Functional Convertible Diaper Backpack as it’s made with Teflon. Make sure to properly bag anything messy going into the diaper bag to prevent mess too.


Closing thoughts: Is a diaper bag the right choice?

Backpack diaper bags take the weight off your shoulders as you can carry the bag on two shoulders instead of one. Also, the main pocket is often larger and easier to access. Find the best backpack diaper bag for your needs so you can take care of yourself and your baby.