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Minimeis Review for 2021

Is the Minimeis G4 worth it?


Minimeis G4 Review

Minimeis G4 Review Summary

The Minimeis G4 is a stylish shoulder carrier that unfortunately sacrifices comfort for design. Despite constant compliments helping us feel a bit better, they did not help the sore shoulders after extended use of the G4. If hiking or other long-term activities are your goal, look for other options.

Average Score

  • Features – 20/25
  • Design – 15/25
  • Quality – 25/25
  • Performance – 10/25


  • Small and easy to transport
  • Excellent quality of materials used
  • Looks great and gets lots of compliments


  • Very expensive
  • Does not prevent shoulder pain or soreness
  • Weight distributes to one side after extended use
  • Child may not enjoy legs being strapped
  • Child inadvertently pulls and tugs on hair and face
Minimeis Shoulder Carrier

Minimeis Baby Shoulder Carrier

  • Best view from safe shoulders
  • From 6 months – 5 years old
  • Compact size and foldable
  • Safety tested and approved, according to both US & EU Standards

Minimeis G4 Review for 2021

Minimeis Carrier In Yellowstone National Park
Baby J living the high life in Yellowstone National Park on the Minimeis G4
Minimeis Shoulder Carrier

Minimeis Baby Shoulder Carrier

  • Best view from safe shoulders
  • From 6 months – 5 years old
  • Compact size and foldable
  • Safety tested and approved, according to both US & EU Standards


The Minimeis G4 is a baby shoulder carrier designed for children aged 6 months all the way up to 5 years old. It is a foldable shoulder carrier – meaning it compactly folds into a small rectangle using metal pull-bars and straps to secure everything. Beyond the small size and eye-catching design, the shoulder carrier leaves a lot to be desired.

Continue reading to see exactly what we did and did not like about this baby shoulder carrier, as well as any alternative options for transporting your kiddos.

Minimeis G4 Features

  • Best view from safe shoulders
  • From 6 months – 5 years old (max. 22 kg / 48 lbs)
  • Compact size and foldable 30x30cm, only 1kg
  • Safety tested and approved, according to both European standard US standards
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed service

Where We Took The Minimeis G4

We took the Minimeis G4 out to Yellowstone National Park with our 22-month old son to put it to the ultimate test. When walking to the grand prismatic spring, I put on the G4 and strapped in our son to keep him from wandering around and trying to jump off of the wooden walking platform into boiling hot water.

While walking up the ramp, the Minimeis carrier received tons of compliments from other travelers – particularly parents. A few people even asked if they should consider picking one up – and my answer often surprised them.

Minimeis Shoulder Carrier Weight Distribution System

The Minimeis website makes the following claim – which got our family interested as we are constantly putting our son on my shoulders:

Comfort for the parent is provided by placing the child on a specially designed seat, hovering just above your shoulders, relieving your neck and shoulders from direct stress. The weight of the child is evenly distributed through the carriers’ body, which enables longer walks in comfort and style, with happy kids. – Minimeis.com

You can see the weight distribution system here on this image from the G4 product page:

Minimeis Weight Distribution System
Image: Minimeis.com

Even if the weight distribution system helped relieve, let’s say, 30% of your child’s weight – if they weight 30 pounds, you are still carrying around 21 pounds of weight on your shoulder – and that is nowhere near how much weight could ever be distributed by a shoulder carrier.

Below you will see the weight distribution system in action on what was a particularly windy day in Yellowstone. The back of the Minimeis seat helps keep your child secure, but unless your child is very young or does not weigh much, you are going to get sore shoulders. 

Minimeis Outdoor Baby Carrier

Minimeis weight distribution system

Is the Minimeis uncomfortable?

Despite receiving constant compliments – one thing kept nagging at the back of my mind as we got closer to the main pool that everyone was there to see.

Shoulder aches and pain.

After about 20-30 minutes of walking and taking pictures, I could not ignore the sore shoulders I was experiencing despite my son not moving around too much in his seat. I often carry him on my shoulders without a carrier, and felt that this may have been the better option.

Don’t get me wrong – the seat is incredibly safe and secure – and it definitely helped keep my son seated and not wiggling around as we walked, but the so-called weight distribution system does not really help if your child is 25+ pounds.

Minimeis Carrier Materials

The Minimeis G4 gets top marks for its quality of materials. Despite constantly being folded and unfolded throughout our trip – it still felt responsive and snappy, with no visual wear or tear.

The metal folding bars feel incredibly secure and strong – you should not need to worry about anything bending or falling apart over time. The quality of the fabric used is also very tough and can easily be wiped down or cleaned.

Minimeis G4 Performance Review

Overall we would not recommend using the Minimeis G4 for longer than 15-20 minutes. There is also the (I am sure) unintended consequence that when your kid is sitting on top of your shoulders, your hair will definitely be used as a makeshift steering wheel.

I think what my son enjoyed most about the Minimeis carrier is knocking my hat and sunglasses off, and yanking on my hair every few seconds. I would say that was my least favorite part – but I can’t fault Minimeis for this. It happens with or without the carrier!

Back of Minimeis G4 Baby Carrier
Hair WILL be used as makeshift steering wheel

Minimeis Carrier Add-Ons

You can get a matching backpack along with your Minimeis G4 carrier. We opted to get the backpack to help keep the carrier and some extra snacks safe, and it worked well. The backpack can also be used as a regular backpack, and includes some internal compartments that we kept park maps and snack bags in.

Minimeis Carrier Alternative

If carrying your child on your shoulders is not really your thing, check our the Doona Liki Trike instead. It is (in my opinion) the best option for transporting your kid anywhere without much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Minimeis any good?

Minimeis makes a solid product, but if you are serious about hiking or exploring, it is not a good option for you as the weight distribution system does not help reduce weight, just redistribute it, so you still get sore shoulders.

Is Minimeis good for hiking?

I would not recommend using the Minimeis for hiking, unless it is a short hike. The overall size of the Minimeis also makes it difficult to hike in areas with trees or overhead shrubbery.

Where is Minimeis made?

Minimeis is developed and tested in Norway – although their website does not say made in Norway, it can be assumed the products are made there as well, which would help explain the higher price point.

Closing Thoughts

The Minimeis G4 is a solid child carrier for short trips, but should be avoided for long treks or hiking. There are many other options available to help transport your child that won’t break the bank and help distribute weight evenly.