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10 Great Gift Ideas For a 1-Year-Old Baby Girl

The Best Gifts You Can Get for a 1-Year-Old Girl


Best 1 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas


Finding the right gift for a 1-year-old girl can be a chore as many toys are too advanced for the age group. The right toys can encourage learning and excitement life and gain you tons of baby giggles. Take a look at the ten best options to delight little girls and help them to grow.

10 Great Gift Ideas For a 1-Year-Old Baby Girl


iPlay iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Bouncy Horse Plush

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

Toddlers need a noble steed like the iPlay iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Bouncy Horse Plush to take them into their next adventure.


Not only is this rounded plush unicorn adorable, but large enough for toddlers to ride into their imagination. The unicorn features a hopping ball inside, perfect for increasing leg muscles and strength while learning balance and creativity.


As the inner ball pumps to blow up, it can deflate as well, especially with excessive force.

Why we love it

Any toy that increases fun while increasing exercise is a win in our books. Kids will love using this toy inside and outside, and it’s affordable enough to buy a spare for playdates.


Avenor Baby Balance Bike

Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer

Give the one-year-old girl in your life the Avenor Baby Balance Bike to learn how to balance and enjoy riding through life.


A sturdy balance bike helps children learn new skills, and this bike teaches confidence, coordination, and balance. It’s easy to assemble and sturdy, so it can last for a couple of years until your little girl is ready to move to a pedal bike.


Not all toddlers are as short as the bike, and this may not work for girls topping the height scales.

Why we love it

The tiny infant bike is the ideal height for little girls to learn independence and learn coordination. A two-year warranty ensures the affordable price making this a quality buy.


Wooden Toys for 1 Year Old Montessori Shape Size Sorting Puzzle

Fisher Price Animal Activity Jumperoo

It’s time to learn the fun way with the Wooden Toys for 1-Year-Old Montessori Shape Size Sorting Puzzle that looks like a garden.


Teach strategy, shapes, spatial reasoning, veggies, gardening, and more with this developmentally appropriate toy ready to inspire learning. As the parts are made of wood, this toy will last for years and multiple children. It includes cute fruit and stores compactly.


Wood can break with abuse, and some parts can be rough. Check for missed sanding to avoid injuries.

Why we love it

With so many toys made of plastic, it’s nice to add a gorgeous wood toy to their collection. This one teaches too without the risk of choking and for a wonderful price for the quality.


LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

Baby Delight Deluxe Portable Rocker Bouncer

Add sounds and the alphabet to your child’s play with the LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo.


Toddlers love toys that make noise and spin. This toy looks like a bingo spinner and lights up too. It’s a great way to learn letters, music, response, and motor skills.


Toys that make noise can annoy parents as toddlers also love repetitious sounds. Moreover, you need batteries to make this toy work which adds to the cost.

Why we love it

Toddlers have so much to learn, and this toy encourages learning with a small toy you can take with you anywhere. As an interactive toy, tots can take charge of their learning and entertainment.


Infinno Inflatable Tummy Time Mat Premium Baby Water Play Mat

Fisher Price Babys Bouncer Geo Meadow

Start using the Infinno Inflatable Tummy Time Mat Premium Baby Water Play Mat before your baby’s first birthday but keep enjoying it for a couple of years.


Toddlers love the ocean and all the festive colors of fish and sea life. Fill the leak-proof mat with water and allow your tot to enjoy fun with water without making a mess. Encourage your girl to move the fish around and recognize their colors.


PVC often comes with a smell, and all things inflatable can pop. Be watchful of mold, as many children are allergic.

Why we love it

The mat offers a BPA-fee and non-toxic PVC material that’s durable and ready to travel. Inspire your child’s love of the ocean without the mess!


Pop Up Princess Tent, ZUOSEN Ball Pit

Fisher Price Fawn Meadows Deluxe Bouncer

Royalty requires a castle, but babies will enjoy the Pop Up Princess Tent, ZUOSEN Ball Pit, as it offers hours of fun fit for a queen.


The sweet princess tent comes in bright pinks with a cover and mesh, making it a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. Fold it up when done and store it in the included storage bag. Little girls will love the LED star lights for years of royal living.


No balls come with this ball pit tent and require a little more investment. Folding the tent back to a size capable of fitting back in the storage back can be a chore.

Why we love it

We love useful toys that provide shade from the sun and collapse for travel. A two-year warranty makes this an extra nice purchase as no need to worry if the tent gets a rip as you can get a free replacement.


HITOP Kids Sprinklers for Outside, Splash Pad Pool 3-in-1

Fisher Price See and Soothe Deluxe Bouncer

Add some water fun to your child’s summer with the HITOP Kids Sprinklers for Outside, Splash Pad Pool 3-in-1.


For a very low price, bring easy and safe summer fun to your backyard. It’s the perfect option for toddlers with 60-inch sprinklers and perfect for crawlers or walkers. Kids will love the adorable mermaid and sea creature theme.


The seams can rip, making the water function not work. Also, the connector to the water may not work correctly without tweaking.

Why we love it

Add a garden hose to the water mat and let your child enjoy safe fun. It’s large enough for a couple of toddlers and shallow for babies new to water, and non-toxic too.


Comus Piano Keyboard Toy for Kids

Bright Starts Baby Bouncer with Vibrating Seat

Music is the universal language, and little girls will love learning sounds with the Conomus Piano Keyboard Toy for Kids.


Little girls get a piano, microphone, and sound buttons for one low price. The piano sits low to allow children easy access while encouraging a variety of learning opportunities. Kids can learn memory, hand-eye coordination, and music all from one toy.


Not only does the toy make a massive amount of noise, but it also requires batteries too. It’s very small, making it difficult for larger tots to use.

Why we love it

Toys that get kids learning multiple instruments encourage growth and imagination. Furthermore, this piano works with technology to play more music.


Bath Toys Wind-up Swimming Crab Baby Bath Toys

Summer 2 in 1 Duo Baby Bouncer and Baby Rocker

Make bath time the best time with the Bath Toys Wind-up Swimming Crab Baby Bath Toys.


Bath toys encourage children to enjoy and play in the tub. These cute little crabs are ready to join in the fun with four toys ready to move full speed ahead. Wash your toddler’s hair as she watches the blue and red crabs crawl across the water.


As with all water toys, these can retain water and end up with mold. Make sure to drain after every use and soak in a vinegar solution.

Why we love it

Wind-up toys delight and make both the tub or a pool more fun. While entertained, you can wash your child’s hair without a battle.


BABLOCVID Magnetic Drawing Board

BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft

At a year old, girls are ready to start expressing their creativity, which is why they need the BABLOCVID Magnetic Drawing Board.


The small magnetic table allows children to draw without making a mess or tons of pieces ready for kids to lose. Girls can explore their creativity with an easy-to-use and sit at the table using magnets and an attached pen.


The table is a little old for a one-year-old girl, so make sure you watch them the entire time they use the table.

Why we love it

Toddlers are messy, and any toy that encourages creativity without the mess wins the day! The table comes apart too for easy storage and travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for a 1-year-old baby girl?

The iPlay iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Bouncy Horse Plush is the best gift as it’s fun and encourages movement. As a plush, it provides a soft way for toddlers to learn balance. Also, the adorable toy enhances imagination allowing children to explore the world through creative eyes while having fun bouncing around the living room.

What should I buy my 1-year-old daughter for her birthday?

One great advantage of a one-year-old’s birthday is they have no concept of money, presents, or birthdays. You can easily purchase a single affordable present, and a toddler will go nuts! As your child gets older, she will understand birthdays and want more expensive gifts, so enjoy saving while you can.

Any of the items on this list will make a perfect birthday present. Take your home size and what your child already owns into consideration, and expect that many family and friends will want to buy your toddler a gift too.

What do I get a 1-year-old that has everything?

For the toddler with everything, you can purchase them a gift card or give them money to start a savings account. With a gift card, the parents can buy diapers or other necessities to benefit the child.

What do you get a baby girl for her first birthday?

The options are endless and affordable for a girl’s first birthday. Consider a simple toy preferably of high quality without extra parts. Wooden toys last a long time and are often quite adorable. Stuffed animals are a great option too.

What toys are appropriate for a 1-year-old girl?

Most toys come with an age limit, but for a one-year-old, you want to find a toy without a lot of parts. Choose a toy marked for the age range; although you can find a toy made for an older child but never leave your child alone with the toy.

What to get a one-year-old girl that isn’t a toy?

Toddlers need clothing, bedding, books, diapers, hair accessories, and shoes. All of these would make a great option to give to a one-year-old girl instead of a toy. Little girls love dress-up costumes too.

Are imaginative toys better than toys that light up and make sounds?

Toys that light up and make sounds tend to grab children’s attention and can teach them too but often limit their imagination. Dedicated toys without theatrics offer kids more chances for role-playing and creativity as they do not do the thinking for the child.

Closing thoughts

Picking a gift for a one-year-old girl does not need to be a challenge. Simply find a toy full of imagination and movement. Do keep the age recommendations in mind when picking and get ready to see tons of smiles from your little girl as they are easy to please as toddlers.