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Best Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old Girl

What are the best gifts for a 3 year old girl?


Best Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls


Little girls are ready to explore the world through exciting toys, and we found the ten best options to put a smile on your girl’s face. From unicorns to magnetic tiles and more, we know what little girls want so you can shop quickly. Find the right option for the three-year-old girl in your life right here.

Best Gift Ideas for a Three-Year-Old Girl


Bilingual Electric Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Graco Tranzitions 3 In 1 Harness Booster Seat

Teach the numbers and alphabet in multiple languages using the Bilingual Electric Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart.


Kids love loud toys that make noise. With this one, children can press tons of buttons and learn in the process. It offers musical notes, letters, numbers, and it’s bilingual too!


While perfect in almost every way, the mat runs a little smaller than expected based on the picture.

Why we love it

The younger a child learns a second language, the better as their brains are little sponges. Use this toy to learn a variety of skills, and it’s a space saver as it hangs on the wall.


LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

Graco SlimFit 3 in 1 Car Seat

Keep your little girl entertained and learning with the LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book.


With cute puppies, sounds, and lights, teach three-year-olds age-appropriate words chosen by experts. Kids can learn about animals, food, colors, opposites, and more, all with a portable book ready to travel.


The book requires batteries that will need to be changed out often. Switching the language model can be difficult.

Why we love it

Toys that make learning fun are a win in our book, and this one kids will love because it’s filled with bright colors and fun sounds, including songs.


Unicorn Gift Set for Girls

GRACO SnugRide SnugFit 35 Elite

For the princess, get the Unicorn Gift Set for Girls and fill her world with magical creatures.


If your little girl is into the world of mythical creatures, grab this gift set that includes a unicorn plush, headband, and book. It’s a sweet gift girls can cuddle with and wear. Read the book to her at bedtime and share her joy for fantasy.


Parts may be missing from the gift set; check before wrapping.

Why we love it

We adore gifts that inspire magical pretend play because it puts fewer boundaries on kids on children’s imagination. Bring her world to a new level with bright colors and magical horns.


Flower Garden Building Set 98 PCS

Britax B-Safe Gen2 Infant Car Seat

Teach learning skills while growing a garden with the Lego-like Flower Garden Building Set 98 PCS, perfect for little girls.


Building toys help with a variety of skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, imagination, and motors skills. With this set, girls can build a garden much like building blocks. It’s an eco-friendly set with endless combinations.


The toy set does not include a storage case, and you will need to buy one as there are a lot of pieces.

Why we love it

Imaginative toys are the building blocks for children who think outside of the box. This toy takes a standard toy to a new level and opens possibilities for growth and creativity.


HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks

GRACO 4Ever DLX SnugLock 4 in 1 Car Seat Infant to Toddler

Add an awesome building set to the toy box as the HOMOFY 40PCS Castle Magnetic Blocks offer something unique.


Magnetic building sets can teach a plethora of skills while also helping kids to understand different shapes and colors. Girls can learn with fun colors that expand their horizons from traditional primary colors to festive colors. It’s a large set too with 40 pieces.


The magnetic blocks are very small and look larger in the picture. This just means less for you to store and pick up.

Why we love it

Building sets are fantastic for three-year-olds as they help to teach patience, cause, and effect, and other skills this age is ready to learn. Open up the imagination with rounded edges made for little hands.


Water Doodle Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Toy Mat

Graco TriRide 3 in 1 Car Seat

Make art time magical with the Water Doodle Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Toy Mat and focus on drawing instead of cleaning up messes.


The ocean water doodle mat works with water pens instead of actual paint or markers. Around the border are adorable sea creatures and the alphabet to encourage learning. Add in some fun accessories for a great toy.


As the mat is made of plastic, it can get holes in it, especially at the creases.

Why we love it

Any toy that encourages creativity without making a mess is a win for parents. Unleash your child’s imagination with vibrant colors and easy storage.


Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio

Evenflo EveryFit 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Bring communication to a new and fun level by giving your little girl the Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio.


With these pink walkie-talkies, kids can enjoy a compact design and a push-button operation. Use these with multiple walkie-talkies or with just one other. Teach a lot of skills for a small price tag.


These walkie-talkies are battery vampires. Each requires four batteries too.

Why we love it

Walkie-talkies are great for imaginative play and for social learning too. Kids can find the fun inside on a rainy day or outside with tons of giggles.


Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Give your child the Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera so they can see the world in a different way by looking for the beauty in every moment.


Use this kids camera to allow kids to take videos or pictures with great clarity. It’s the right size for kids and has great battery life. Also, the camera includes a 32 GB micro SD card for storage.


The camera has games on it, and many parents want a toy that is just a camera, not another screen.

Why we love it

A camera that’s shockproof and made for little kids helps them to see the world through a new lens and learn creativity young.


GJZZ LCD Drawing Doodle Board

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Bring a cute drawing pad to your daughter’s room with the GJZZ LCD Drawing Doodle Board.


Little kids love to draw or scribble, and for parents who don’t want to deal with mess or bunches of wasted paper, this is the perfect gift. It includes a pen with built-in storage, and it can travel with ease.


The board requires a battery and sometimes may not erase.

Why we love it

A screen that allows for easy creativity on the go makes for a great educational and fun toy. It erases easily for repeated drawing without chemicals or blue light.


Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

Graco Grows4Me 4 in 1 Car Seat

Get girls playing outside and burning energy using the Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids.


The pogo jumper comes in a variety of colors and can support a massive amount of weight. More importantly, it allows for hours of healthy bouncing activity. Little kids can work on their balance too.


Kids may find this difficult to use until they get the action down.

Why we love it

We find toys that do not make noise, do not require batteries, and get parents active are the best types for toddlers. It’s made of soft and durable foam to encourage activity and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to get a three-year-old girl who has everything?

For the little girl who has everything, consider getting something they cannot play with, like clothing or books. Talk to their parents as they may need specific things for their childlike pull-ups, pajamas, or bedding. You can always buy toys anyways as kids are rough on toys, and the parents may appreciate a replacement for when toys break.

What is the best Christmas gift for a three-year-old girl?

Christmas can be overwhelming for toddlers as it’s such a new process for them. Try to get a small present that will not overwhelm them. The unicorn gift set above is the perfect option as it’s something they can cuddle at night. Also, they can wear the headband and enjoy the new book before bed.

What are the best educational toys for a three-year-old girl?

Bilingual toys are fantastic options as kids can learn so much at a young age. Learning a second language is always easier the younger a person is when they start. The bilingual interactive chart above offers a fun toy that teaches too. Use it to teach letters, numbers, musical notes, and Spanish too.

What can I buy my three-year-old girl for her birthday?

You can buy anything you want for a three-year-old girl. All of the toys above make a great choice to help her to learn and grow with age-appropriate toys. Find the right option but do not put a lot of stress on yourself. Birthdays are still very new to a toddler, and they will love pretty much anything you get them. Lastly, they have very short attention spans.

How much should I spend on a three-year-old birthday present?

As three-year-old girls have short attention spans and will love anything at this age. Thanks to the flexibility, you can spend as little as 10 to 20 dollars and still get a gift a toddler will love. While you can spend more, toddlers are not capable of caring for high-quality items. Definitely do not go above budget for a toddler.

Can a three-year-old girl play games?

Absolutely, little girls can play games, but it will require patience to teach them. Start with simple games with only a couple of rules and take your time. Do not expect toddlers to play games correctly, just gently keep showing them and make it a fun experience.

What games can a three-year-old girl play?

Play simple games like matching games at the age of three. Also, look for games that are active as toddlers have very short attention spans.

What can I teach my three-year-old girl at home?

You can teach your child anything. Start with letters, numbers, manners, and pick-up after themselves. The most important skills you need to teach your child at this age are taking turns, empathy, and loving behavior. Over time your child will learn everything they need to know without flashcards and hours of coercing them to learn.

What apps are good for three-year-old girls?

We love the app starfall.com as it teaches simple lessons with fun videos and activities. Kids can learn without realizing it by playing fun games, and it’s free. Toca Boca makes a bunch of fun apps for tablets too. Finally, ABC Mouse is an affordable app with tons of learning potential.

Closing Thoughts

At five years old, boys are ready to expand their social skills. Help them with fun gifts that include friends instead of individual play. Find the right board game or active toy to help kindergarteners grow.