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Best Snow Boots for Toddlers

The Best Lightweight & Waterproof Snow Boots for Toddlers


Best Snow Boots For Toddlers


When winter comes, so does snow, and toddlers’ little feet need some protection. Snow boots keep tiny feet dry and warm for longer, allowing kids the opportunity to play outside comfortably. Take a peek at the ten best snow boots and a few unique options you may not have thought of to keep your toddlers cozy and adorable with the next snow.

Best Rain and Snow Boots for Toddlers


Sorel Kids Snow Commander Boots

Sorel Kids Snow Commander Boot

The Sorel Kids Snow Commanders are a traditional rugged winter boot ready to keep feet dry and protected from the elements.


Rubber-soled shoes with a one-inch heel keep feet dry, while a thick fur and fleece lining keeps feet warm and comfy. Full traction and waterproofing help keep feet dry and safe even in wet conditions. Also, the shoes are easy to put on and take off.


The boots run a little short, meaning they may not be the best option for heavy-duty winter activity but work great for play.

Why we love it

We appreciate options, and these boots come in four colors and size 4 toddler up to 13 little kids. Moreover, the shoes are heavy-duty but still lightweight to keep kids from having issues in the snow.


UGG Unisex-Child Rennon Ii Sneaker

UGG Unisex Child Rennon Ii Sneaker

While not a traditional snow boot, kids will love the warmth and comfort of the UGG Unisex-Child Rennon Ii Sneaker.


Choose these gorgeous sneakers made with 100 percent wool and dyed sheep fur for warmth and comfort. A thick rubber sole paired with suede and leather keeps the shoes in remarkable shape thanks to high quality. They are easy to put on, too with a hook-and-loop closure, toddlers can operate without help.


Do not choose these shoes for outside play as they are dressy winter boots not play boots.

Why we love it

Who said snowshoes need to be a boot? These sneakers are nice enough to wear out to fancy events while still keeping kids’ feet warm and dry. Choose from sizes 6 toddler up to 12 little kids and from three gorgeous color options.


UGG Unisex-Child Neumel II Tasman Boot

UGG Unisex Child Neumel II Tasman Boot

Get quality and options with the UGG Unisex-Child Neumel II Tasman Boot ready to keep feet happy all winter long without sacrificing style.


Pick from six colors, all with 100 percent leather and dyed sheep fur. The unisex shoes come with a simple ergonomic design and tie laces. Furthermore, they are pretreated to repel stains and moisture, which happens with both kids and winter.


Leather cannot withstand as much weather as other boots but will last for a long time. Also, the boots run small, buy a size up or check the measurements.

Why we love it

Ugg makes gorgeous boots with a low ankle perfect for children who feel claustrophobic in traditional snow boots. These are a great option for longer snow pants.


Western Chief Girl’s Glitter Waterproof Rain Boot

Western Chief Girl's Glitter Waterproof Rain Boot

While the Western Chief Girl’s Glitter Waterproof Rain Boots are not snow boots, they are easier to get on, and they allow for more socks, which some kids prefer.


Girls love glitter and easy to put on boots. Get both from these rain boots you can use in the rain and in the winter too. Choose from six color options and sizes 5 to 13.


No fur or lining may make these boots too cold for some kids and will mean more socks. You may need to pick a size up as these run a little small.

Why we love it

As the boots do not have any fabric, they will dry out much faster. PVC provides comfort and warmth without overheating feet like boots with fleece or fur.


Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot with Easy Pull-On Handles

Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot

Skip the winter boots for boys and choose the Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot with Easy Pull-On Handles for easier on and off options and better waterproofing.


Boys love color and easy to slip on boots, with waterproof rain boots, they get both. A cotton lining adds some warmth without overheating feet. Keep feet sizes 5 toddlers to big kid size 4 dry.


The shoes can fall apart easily as they are made of PVC. Check for cracks before wearing and return if you see any issues to prevent leaky shoes.

Why we love it

Kids will love the fin styles like firefighters, frogs, camo, and more. Boys will also love the handles on the boots that help to put them on with ease.


Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot

Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot

The Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot works perfectly for both boys and girls with tons of color options and warmth from winter.


Find the perfect color option with dozens of choices and keep little feet warm and dry even in the snow. The boots come with straps on the side and cinching on the top for a perfect fit. Choose from sizes for toddlers all the way up to big kids.


Children with wide feet may find issues with the narrow liners. Pick another option for kids with wider feet.

Why we love it

We adore boots that kids can depend on even in negative 40 Fahrenheit! Moreover, they include a removable Zylex liner made from recycled material, making these good for your child and the environment.


Columbia Unisex-Child Powderbug Plus Ii Snow Boot

Columbia Unisex Child Powderbug Plus Ii Snow Boot

The Columbia Unisex-Child Powderbug Plus Ii Snow Boots offer comfort, warmth, versatility, all from a brand known for quality.


Find colors for both boys and girls in size from toddler up to big kids. The boots offer ultra-warm insulation along with waterproofing with seam-sealed construction. Kids and stay dry and safe with extra traction meant to work in snow.


While the tops are easy to slip into, the bottoms of the boots are very rigid and difficult to get into for kids alone. The stiffness can restrict movement while playing too.

Why we love it

The easy slip-on design makes putting the boots on less of a chore. Also, as they are so rugged, they can support even heaving snow days.


UGG Unisex-Child Kristjan Chukka Boot

UGG Unisex Child Kristjan Chukka Boot

If you need a dressier snow boot, check out the UGG Unisex-Child Kristjan Chukka Boot for lightweight protection.


While the boots are not the type of boots toddlers can play in outside, they will keep their feet in style even in the coldest weather. Find sizes seven through 12 in toddlers and take your child anywhere without sacrificing comfort or warmth.


The boots are low and can allow air inside. Moreover, the shoes are very narrow and will not work for kids with wide feet.

Why we love it

Zippers on the side add to the style and make slipping these boots onto toddler feet a breeze. Stationary elastic laces keep the shoes in place, and the microfiber lining makes the shoes flexible and lightweight.


Northside Kid’s Frosty Winter Snow Boot

Northside Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot

For heavy-duty traction in the winter, pick the Northside Kid’s Frosty Winter Snow Boots.


These rugged shoes go up high and offer a water-resistant construction along with a fully insulated lining for warmth. Pick from five color options for both boys and girls and sizes 10 toddlers up to size 7 for big kids.


Snow can stick in the traction and cause the shoes to become difficult to walk in. Additionally, the boots can take a very long time to dry, and they sell out quickly, giving you limited options.

Why we love it

We appreciate shoes with a thoughtful design like this one with a removable and washable liner. Also, the toggle closure at the top keeps feet extra protected from snow and cold air.


Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler Kai Winter Boot

Kai Winter Boot

Give girls warmth and style with the Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler and Little Girls’ (1-8 yrs) Kai Winter Boot.


While the shoes are synthetic, they are the latest style with thick rubber soles and an easy slip-on design with side closure. Find your daughter’s size from toddler size 4 up to 12. Girls can stay warm without any hassle.


The shoes only come in tan limiting your options. Furthermore, the shoes are not waterproof and not great for playing in snow but for keeping feet warm in the winter.

Why we love it

Girls love to look beautiful and wear pretty shoes like this pair. Warm shoes that are easy to put on make leaving the house in the winter a much easier process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Boots for Toddlers

How do you buy snow boots for toddlers?

You need to measure your child’s foot to get the best fit when buying snow boots for toddlers. Check the width of your toddler’s foot too, and try on several styles to see what works for your child.

Should I size up for toddler winter boots?

It’s best to go up a size if you plan to put thick socks on your toddler’s feet.

How do I know my toddler’s shoe size?

Use a measuring tape to measure and then find the size closet on a shoe chart. Each brand may have different size charts.

How do I keep my toddler’s boots on?

Choose a set of boots with a firm bottom and some form of cinching at the top to ensure the boots stay on your child.

Can my toddler wear rain boots in the snow?

Yes, rain boots even dry out faster than snow boots. However, rain boots do not cinch at the top, so kids will need to be more careful or push the snow pants down farther. You may need more socks for warmth.

Are boots OK for toddlers?

Yes, toddlers can wear boots but will have difficulty putting the boots on without help.

Is Kamik a good brand for kids’ boots?

Absolutely! Kamik makes high-quality winter boots for children.

Are Kamik kid’s boots waterproof?

The company offers several toddler boots allowing you to find a pair with more waterproofing or other features. On the pair above, the bottoms of the Kamik boots are waterproof and the tops are water-resistant.

What are the warmest winter boots for toddlers?

Choose the Sorel Kids Boots above for the most warmth.

What should I look for when buying toddler winter boots?

Look for boots with thick bottoms, traction, cinching, a warm liner, quick-dry, and comfort.

Should you buy toddler boots in bigger sizes?

Only go up one size for added sock room. Going too large can cause toddlers to become clumsy as they cannot walk easily in boots that are too large.

How often do you buy new boots for a toddler?

Hopefully, you will only have to buy one pair per winter, but if your child has a growth spurt in the winter, then you will need to buy a new pair.

What are the best shoes for toddlers?

The best shoes for toddlers are ones that are comfortable and easy for them to put on. Avoid shoes with laces or are overly complicated. Also, choose shoes that are easy to clean as toddlers are messy.

Closing Thoughts: Are winter boots for toddlers worth it?

Toddlers need boots in the winter for playing in the snow and in cold weather. Not everyone has to deal with snow, but kids still need shoes for warmth and protection from the elements. Find the right pair for your environment and keeps your toddlers’ feet happy.