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The Best Rain Boots for Toddlers

Our Picks for Tall Rain Boots & More for Toddlers


Best Rainboots For Toddlers and Mud


Rain boots are often a kid’s favorite because they are bright, colorful, and easier to put on than other shoes.

Parents want their toddlers in rain boots to keep their feet dry and because they are much easier to clean than regular shoes when wet. We found the ten best options available to help you pick the right pair of rain boots the first time around.

The 10 Best Rain Boots for Toddlers


OutdoorMaster Kids Toddler Rain Boots

OutdoorMaster Kids Toddler Rain Boots

Go rugged with the OutdoorMaster Kids Toddler Rain Boots to keep your kids dry no matter the terrain.


Not only are these rain boots ready to handle bad weather, but they are light too and completely waterproof. Kids can play outside on a rainy day and put these boots on themselves thanks to the easy-on sturdy handles.


Despite the low weight, these shoes are bulky. Some customers ended up with two different-sized boots too. Check before wearing and return if this happens.

Why we love it

Our favorite feature is the safety reflective heel to increase visibility. Kids will love the vibrant colors with options for boys and girls. All this for a very reasonable price!


Hatley Classic Rain Boots

Hatley Classic Rain Boots

Choose the Hatley Classic Rain Boots for a classic design ready to last for years.


Get comfortable heeled waterproof boots ready to keep your toddler’s feet dry. Kids will love the vibrant color options, too, and the easy pull-on design.


The size chart is not accurate, and it may take a couple of tries to get the right size. Moreover, the shoes do not include easy pull-on handles.

Why we love it

Cotton lining makes these boots ultra-comfortable and keeps them in place too. We love the simple equestrian style, too, along with the gorgeous brand plate for a sleek appearance.


Disney Kids Boys’ Mickey Mouse Easy-On Rubber Rain Boots

Disney Kids Boys Mickey Mouse Character Printed Waterproof Easy On Rubber Rain Boots

Add the Disney Kids Boys’ Mickey Mouse Easy-On Rubber Rain Boots to your child’s wardrobe to keep their feet dry.


Kids love Mickey, and now they can wear these primary color rain boots for protection from the rain. Thanks to rubber, they are completely waterproof and comfortable. Handles on top make these easy to put on too!


The tops are rather open for easy slip-on but allows water to slip in, especially when playing in puddles. Also, these do not come in girl colors.

Why we love it

Getting shoes on kids can be a challenge unless you give them what they want, like their favorite cartoon character!


Outee Toddler Kids Adorable Printed Light-Up Rain Boots

Outee Toddler Kids Adorable Printed Light Up Rain Boots

Fun prints make the Outee Toddler Kids Adorable Printed Light-Up Rain Boots stand out in a crowd of boring rain boots.


The Outee boots pair fun patterns with light-up heels to delight toddlers. Find tons of options in festive patterns for both boys and girls for waterproof fun. Easy on and off handles give kids the independence to put the boots on themselves.


Kids will love these boots because of the lights, but the lights may die early. The handles may break off if children are rough putting them on.

Why we love it

Lots of track and a slight heel gives kids a leg up in slippery weather. Furthermore, the comfort insole comes out for more room or change of the insole.


Mysoft Kids Rain Boots for Girls Boys Toddler

mysoft Kids Rain Boots for Girls Boys

Choose Mysoft Kids Rain Boots for Girls Boys Toddlers for cute animal prints kids will love wearing.


Both boys and girls can find cute designs like unicorns, dinosaurs, and other prints to satisfy their imagination. Anti-skid and anti-piercing bottoms add durability that kids need along with traction for wet weather conditions.


A few customers complained the boots did not live long lives.

Why we love it

Rainboots that kids want to wear make us happy. A leak-proof design with sweat-absorbent cotton helps us to love these boots even more.


ALLENSKY Kids Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles

ALLENSKY Kids Rain Boots

For simple color options, buy the ALLENSKY Kids Rain Boots with Easy-on Handles for your toddler.


For an excellent price, you can get these ergonomic and lightweight rain boots for your toddler. A non-slip sole with deep grooves provides traction. Also, easy-on handles give kids the ability to put these boots on without help.


Toddlers with wide feet may need to pick a different option.

Why we love it

We adore the simple color options perfect for boys or girls. It’s a great option for kids who tend to change their favorite characters or interests daily.


Western Chief Kid’s Waterproof Printed Rain Boot

Price: $$ MSRP | Check Price on Amazon

Western Chief Kids Waterproof Printed Rain Boot

For extra support where kids need it, get the Western Chief Kid’s Waterproof Printed Rain Boots.


With arch support and a comfortable poly/cotton liner, kids will love the comfort and flexibility of these rain boots. Parents will love the high quality, including leather and rubber. Full tread and heels help to keep kids standing in slick spots too.


The boots may fall apart from overuse or abuse. Some people complained the boots only lasted for a few uses.

Why we love it

The cute designs appeal to our inner child and will appeal to both boys and girls with tons of options at great prices.


Kamik Stomp Rain Boot

Price: $$ – $$$ | Check Price on Amazon

Kamik Stomp Rain Boot

Let kids go wild in the world wearing the Kamik Stomp Rain Boots as they can take a beating and keep on going.


Choose from solid colors to keep your toddler or big kid safe from the rain. These rain boots offer an ergonomic fit with thick rubber and a little heel to pair with the traction. Additionally, the boots include a removable footbed.


The boots do not have easy-on handles, which means you may need to help your child get them on their feet. Some kids may be allergic to synthetic rubber, and these do not have a liner.

Why we love it

Kids love to get messy, and these boots can handle any mess and terrain. The extra height keeps kids a little drier too.


BOGS Unisex-Child Skipper Waterproof Rubber Rain Boot

BOGS Unisex Child Skipper Waterproof Rubber Boys and Girls Rain Boot

Get high quality with the BOGS Unisex-Child Skipper Waterproof Rubber Rain Boot perfect for toddlers all the way up to big kids.


Choose from several color options, including options for boys and girls. These slip-on shoes are high quality and ready to last through multiple children, and they are completely waterproof.


The rain boots are on the pricey side, and you may need to size up.

Why we love it

Top-quality shoes may cost more but come with better tread and a better fit. Sturdy, easy on handles help improve these shoes too.


Oakiwear Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles

Price: $ – $$ | Check Price on Amazon

OAKI Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

Send your kids out into the world and keep them dry with the Oakiwear Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles.


The Oakiwear boots keep feet dry and fight odor because of a proprietary rubber blend. Thick loops make it easy for kids to pull the boots on without adult help. Finally, the boots are lightweight for added comfort.


After a few uses, some customers found the boots would crack, making them no longer waterproof.

Why we love it

Most rain boots do not include a warranty, but the Oakiwear boots come with a six-month warranty guaranteeing your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do toddlers need rain boots?

Yes, toddlers need rain boots. Older kids might be able to control their impulses when outside, and they see a puddle but not toddlers! Also, toddlers tend to get sick easier from cold, wet conditions, which is why it’s best to cover their feet with waterproof material.

Can my toddler wear rain boots in the snow?

Toddlers should avoid wearing rain boots in the snow because they are open at the top. This opening allows snow and cold air to get into their feet. Snow boots have padding for warmth and seal the boots tighter to the skin to prevent snow, ice, and wetness from reaching the skin. It’s best to get rain boots for the spring and fall and snow boots for winter.

How do I know my toddler’s shoe size?

Measure your child’s foot and find an online shoe chart to find the closest size. Measuring in centimeters can be easier and more accurate. Furthermore, you can take your child to a shoe store and ask an employee to measure their foot with one of their measurement tools. These offer the best fit as they are quite accurate.

Should toddler rain boots be one size bigger?

Rain boots are often made of plastic or rubber, both of which are stiffer materials and not as flexible. However, rain boots are often quite roomy at the correct size, thanks to generously sized openings. Buy your child’s size first and see if it fits before switching to a larger size. Oversized shoes can cause problems as they make walking more difficult and toddlers can trip or slow down to accommodate the awkwardness.

How do you put rain boots on a toddler?

Have your toddler sit down on the floor to start. Next, tell them to push their foot into one boot while holding on to the handles for leverage. Do the same with the second foot. Ensure their foot goes all the way down to the bottom of the boot before standing up.

Should toddler rain boots be tight or loose?

Rain boots should not be tight or loose but fit snugly. If their foot slides easily, then you need to go down a size. Alternatively, if the boot is too tight, you need to go up a size.

What size shoe does a two-year-old wear?

Every two-year-old is different and will wear a different shoe size. Most two-year-olds were seven or eight shoe size, but this can vary greatly depending on height and genetics. Toddlers with wider feet may need to wear a larger size if you cannot find a shoe their size that’s wide enough.

Do toddler rain boots run big?

Some brands run larger than other brands, but most follow standard shoe sizes.

What is the difference between toddler rain boots and snow boots?

Rain boots are waterproof but often do not keep feet warm. Snow boots are waterproof and have extra layers for warmth and to seal cold air out of the foot area.

What age range are size five toddler rain boots?

Size 5 rain boots are for children between ages 12 months to 18 years, but sizing is different for every child.

What are the best rain boots for toddlers from this list?

We love the OutdoorMaster Kids Toddler Rain Boots as they provide fantastic handles, simple colors, and an ergonomic shape. The price will appeal to all budgets too.

Closing Thoughts: Are rain boots for toddlers worth it?

The right rain boots will keep toddlers dry and allow them to enjoy puddles. You do not need to break the bank to keep little feet dry. Rain does not need to slower your toddler down; just grab one of these ten pairs of shoes and enjoy any weather!